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  1. Inside Job
  2. Searching For A Heart
  3. The Man
  4. Doolin-Dalton Desperado (Reprise)

Happy Birthday Don Henley! Today, the native Texan, of the Eagles, turns 72.

He sang lead vocals on many of the Eagles songs and co-lead on many others, while also being their drummer, not sure if that was common knowledge or not.

As seems, maybe an entire generation may be lost to the greatness of the Eagles.

Due to one famous movie quote: The Dude speaks; in all of his infinite wisdom… the Cohen Brothers may have lead many young people astray of being open to the Eagles; maybe other than Hotel California, nobody can deny that! Digging deeper into the Eagles, that would take some time. So instead let’s look at some of the great songs that Don Henley recorded post-Eagles.

But today, let’s look back, it’s not quite the end of Summer, but we are a little over half way through it..

This first song, Inside Job off of the 2000 album of the same name seems to have been scrubbed from Google and Youtube algorithms, per seeming Chinese style censorship, seemingly based on subject matter and keywords. Go look, try and try to find it yourself, outside of Spotify and other streaming platforms, I had to track this down from a physical CD from the Austin library. Now, hear the banned song for yourselves:

“The Man”! Man, that was Mr. Henley singing on Randy Newman’s 1995 Faust album. And before that, was Warren Zevon’s “Searching for a Heart” off of the Enjoy Every Sandwich 1 Tribute.

Finally, here is an Eagles album ending track, a reprise that encompasses that albums main themes, thanks for listening!

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