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Five years ago today, a good friend passed away unexpectedly. I hadn’t seen her in several months. She had a condition that was deteriorating her ability to make new memories. The last time I saw her, she told me that “someday I would understand and it would all make sense”.

How could a beautiful young strong and determined woman with an enduring professional career and mother to a college bound athlete Senior in High School.

Emotions ran high. And there was a hurt feelings, feelings as if people didn’t do enough, and between friends and other friends and family over her support over the past few years, or rather lack thereof.
One of her close friends took care of the arrangements. And my wife and I held a Memorial of Life a couple weeks afterwards in our backyard. It was a touching outdoor service and many of her friends and family spoke. Myself included, please see the show notes for the words that I spoke in honor of my friend and for additional details about her life.

Such close friends, in fact, that my would be wife and her became really close friends. She even was my wife’s closest help during our wedding. And my wife and I attended her second wedding ceremony several years after our own. She leaves a strong young son behind, whom just graduated college a few months ago. He is a real good young man with a bright future and would make his loving mother so proud. She had been a single mother who gave so much of her life for him.

Many songs were played today in remembrance of my friend. These songs are special to me and mean a lot. I hope you enjoyed them as much as we did. And there were many other songs that we just didn’t have time to play here. Please see the show notes for a playlist containing this additional music.

Thanks for listening.

Rest in Peace Amy Workman.

More on her life:
Amy Diane Workman
March 10, 1977 – March 05, 2015

Amy Diane Workman Memorial Slideshow:

Extended Version:
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