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  3. Imagine Houston

One month ago I saw Joe Ely play his acoustic guitar in a small living room at a private fundraiser for Texas State’s Wittliff Collection in Terrytown in Austin. Bill Wittliff, the screenwriter and Director was the honoree that night and shared some wonderful stories about being 15 and meeting Elvis. Bill passed away yesterday at the age of 79. So I would like to honor Mr. Wittliff with this episode of tiny curations, featuring Joe Ely.

Joe Ely, Austinite by way of Lubbock had long ago with Jimmie Dale Gilmore and Butch Hancock, he formed the Flatlanders which has been resurrected after many years. He befriended the Clash in their early days. Joe Strummer and the Clash loved him so much, that when they booked their first American tour, they came to Texas and toured with Joe Ely leading their way.
But let’s let the music speak for itself, in this first song you may recognize another one of his admirer and friends familiar voice:
That was Imagine Houston, recently released from the vault, from “B4 84”. This song captures his spark in the early 80’s, using an Apple II!
Before that was, Gallo del Cielo, or Sky Rooster, that may be the best chicken fighting song every written. Both songs from
And did you hear that voice on All Just to Get to You, that was none other than The Boss, he loves Joe, too!
Joe Ely still plays around Austin and goes on small tours, be sure to catch him, he’s one of the good ones!

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