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  1. Shedding Skin
  2. Hollow
  3. Cemetery Gates

Pantera, these Cowboys from Hell have been credited with saving metal!
At a time, when metal was on the decline, these guys brought in your face riffs packed with heavy Texas groove!

The Dallas boys, Diamond Darrell, or rather Dimebag Darrell who he affectionately became to be known, was a master shredder and his brother Vinnie Paul on pounding drums; along with Rex on a thumping bass and Phil Anselmo on some screaming (ass) vocals made up this band. They had many albums. some in the glam rock vein, full of KISS and Van Halen love. But it wasn’t until the release of Cowboys from Hell in 1990, that they broke down the metal walls.

They were able to cement their legacy with a few more great albums, before they went on hiatus and broke up in 2003, way too soon.

Phil and his drugs, were pinned as the bad guy in the breakup. But he went on to front many other bands. On a side note: Phil along with his biographer Cory Mitchell, hosted the Housecore Horror Film Festival in Austin, Texas in 2014 and 2015, in which I was lucky to have been a part of. It was a fantastic blend of horror movies and metal! However, the event died along with Cory Mitchell when he had a heart attack loading out and died in the parking lot the morning after Danzig closed down the festival.

But today we are honoring Dimebag as today is the 15 anniversary of his passing.
Tragically, in 2004 in front of crowd in Columbus Ohio, Dimebag was shot point blank just after taking the stage in with his new band, Damageplan, that he had formed with his brother on drums.

The gunman, the coward, was said to be distraught over the breakup of Pantera when got on stage and killed 3 people, before he too was gunned down by a fast acting police officer.

His brother Vinnie Paul, carried on with the band, but he too passed away too soon, just last year.

To start us off, is Shedding Skin off of Far Beyond Driven, which celebrated it’s 25th Anniversary this year:

That was Cemetery Gates off of CfH and before that was Hollow, the song that closed 1992’s Vulgar Display of Power album.

I was at the GNR reunion tour in Dallas a few years ago. The next day, friends and I make the pilgrimage to Dimebag’s grave. Upon arriving at the cemetery gates and not knowing where to go next, we asked a landscaper, he immediately knew who we were looking for and replied “Dimebag aqui, Dimebag aqui”, pointing to his gravestone. Gathered around the grave were many concert goers from the night before and many joints layed as an offering on his headstone. 6 feet deep lies the man, in a gifted KISS Kasket and with Eddie Van Halen’s personal yellow-and-black-striped Charvel electric guitar from Van Halen II, Bumblebee. fitting, since Dimebag’s last words on Earth were, “Van Halen!” moments before he was gun down. Somebody near us said that they ran into Vinnie Paul at the concert last night and shows us proof, a photo together on their cell phone. Pantera and the legend of these 2 men captivated us all.

Here is Dime’s solo from the song Floods” off of 1996’s, The Great Southern Trendkill.

Rest in Peace Abbott brothers!

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