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Shinyribs, aka Kevin Russell, formerly of The Gourds is now the reigning king of the Austin music scene.
He put the hard work in and through several incarnations of bands, and personalities, he has made it. He won the Austin Chronicle’s Best Band of Austin for the past 2 years.

I witnessed him taking his throne, it was in Zilker park in front of… 40 some-odd thousand Austinites on a free Blues on the Green show last Summer.

Along with his cape and stage antics an ever growing band of musicians; including an entire horn section and backup singer/dancers known as the Ribblets, it was certainly a sight to see.

But not to gloss over, the wildly popular and other Austin favorite, his previous band, The Gourds. Along with Jimmy Smith sharing vocals, and the rest of the band. They were able to seduce this city with their swamp infused Cajun jams for almost 2 decades and produce 10 albums.

But their ultimate “hiatus” came in the fall of 2013.

I know you’ve heard their bluegrass version of Snoop Dogg’s “Gin and Juice”, remember that?

Most think it was from Phish or some jam band like that. But that was due to it being miscredited on file sharing platforms. Remember all of that downloading that you were doing at the turn of the millennium on Napster?

Be sure to keep an eye out for Shinyribs or Kevin Russell (or maybe even a Gourds reunion). He can also be found under a number of alias that he might use, like of the Tijuana Trainwreck Horns featuring Shiny Soul Sisters, but there are oh so many… Like he does when he pops up at Sam’s Town Point; which is the ultimate dive bar, located in a trailer house in unincorporated South Austin, the Chronicle did a great article this Summer about the bar and the cast of characters that you will meet there.

Even ol’ Jimmy, he will also turn up there on occasion as well to play a gig, so who knows, maybe even a Gourds reunion someday!

Let’s ramp this set up, starting with two from them, back then in happier times.

Who Built the Moon, an interesting thought… That was a song off of Kevin’s first solo release as Shinyribs in 2010.

Also, Shinyribs just released their latest album, “Fog & Bling”, this past Summer.

This next song, well it isn’t off of that new album, but it is my favorite song from him.
For this song, he typically opens by referring to this song as a song about his favorite root vegetable.

Then starts naming them:

Fennel, bulbs, carrots, beets. But his is the ohh so Sweet Potato…

Please enjoy even if this isn’t your favorite root vegetable and thanks for listening.

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