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  1. Northern Winds
  2. Ben McCulloch
  3. Taneytown
  4. Two Girls

For his fifth performance on ACL, the legendary Steve Earle presents Guy, his acclaimed tribute to his songwriting mentor and ACL Hall of Fame legend Guy Clark. Cooler than Steve Earle, hell yeah! That was Roger Creager singing about how he feels after drinking Everclear! My lovely wife Jenny won tickets to see a double taping tonight for the Austin City Limits 45th season with Steve Earle and the Dukes and Patty Griffin!

You can watch, too, as tonight they will air both full live sets of these iconic singer/songwriters. The broadcast episodes will air on PBS later this year as part of our upcoming Season 45.

In March of 2013, standing at the baggage carousel, I first thought that the long bearded man standing next to was the legendary Producer, Rick Rubin, but realizing it was Steve Earle, I talked to him for a minute and wished him luck on his big SXSW gig. But we then found ourselves together in the oversized luggage together, as I needed 2 kids car seats, while he awaited his guitar.

This first song is about a Confederate General, now now buried in the Texas State Cemetery in Austin.

There is an encampment outside of Austin, Camp Ben (McCulloch). On some land near my house, in Driftwood. They still meet every first full moon in June. I camped there this past year for the 123rd reunion. Est. in 1896 as a reunion site for the United Confederate Veterans, it is now the last of it’s kind, still hosting a yearly reunion. I camped there one night this year.

Taneytown, this next song, I read more about it Doghouse Roses: Stories Paperback from 2002.

That last song was a Townes van Zandt song. Steve sought him out and Towne’s became his mentor. There is a great recent movie “Blaze” that has a great depiction of Townes. Anyhow, this song is from 2001’s Poet: A Tribute To Townes Van Zandt. But Steve ended up recording an entire album of of his material, “Towne’s”. And more recently another, for his other mentor, Guy Clark, simply called “Guy”, this is the album that he should be doing tonight.

Thanks for listening to tiny curations and be sure to watch the shows online tonight!

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