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  1. Sharp Dressed Man (2019 Remaster)
  2. Just Got Paid
  3. Waitin’ for the Bus
  4. Jesus Just Left Chicago

That Little Ol’ Band From Texas, ZZ Top. Formed in 1969 in Houston, Texas, this year they celebrate 50 years together. 2 guys up front with great ol’ big beards and a guy on the drum kit with the last name of Beard.

These are some bad Tres Hombres, they used to tour with longhorn steers and rattle snakes on stage with them. They are out on tour now in the good ol’ USA, so check ’em out while you can!

Let’s start this set off with one of their big hits, you may have also heard it on that reality show, from those other guys with big ol’ beards:

Just got paid today, well I hope so, it’s Friday somewhere!

These last two songs, well, they go together. They are hard to separate, so I won’t do that to them here. I don’t want to keep you waiting, so here you go. Thanks for listening!

Shortly after recording this episode, a friend made me aware of the recently announcement ZZ Top documentary titled, “That Little Ol’ Band from Texas“. It will be screening soon, here’s the trailer.

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