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  1. Drugs Have Done Good Things – Bill Hicks
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    Pariah Interview
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    Dave Prewitt Supports When We Were Live
    rAw TiMe Intro

Dave Prewitt, he’s been a local TV fixture for the past 30 years in Austin, with shows ranging from CapZeyeZ, to rAw TiMe to DAVETV on ACTV, Austin Community Television, Austin Access.

In the early 90’s access television really started to kick into high gear all around the country, as evidenced by the Saturday Night Live skit Wayne’s World. And that became so popular that it spun off into 2 feature length films.v

Before Dave, there was Scott Spurlock. He first caught me and my friends attention on ACTV with his show Dull-a-Vision; where he showed music videos, something akin to Headbangers Ball. But one fateful night in 1991, he went too far and showed us kids something that blew our minds! It was his edited video for this song “Rivers” from Skinny Puppy. It was too far!

This was also the time of censorship and anti- obscenity and decency issues, spurred by Luke Skywalker and 2 Live Crew in Florida. Also, in Florida, poor Pee Wee Herman was arrested for watching a movie, albeit a dirty move. And Tipper Gore, her group was busy putting Parental Advisory Explicit Lyrics labels on CDs and tapes. Heck, the Australian rock band, the Divinyls were warned not to play their hit song “I Touch Myself” at their appearance at the Austin Aqua Fest on Town Lake, but near the end of the set, they did anyway. Their mic was cut and lead singer Chrissy Amphlett was dragged off stage by security, yep that’s about as far as they got, too. And here is how the crowed reacted. And here is what the police claimed, but it was not too loud.

But back to ACTV, where you could pay like $50 bucks, sign some forms and take a couple classes and you too could broadcast live on Austin television sets. ACTV, it gave rise to Alex Jones and Infowars, as you can hear him sitting in on the show with Dave:

Here is a conspiracy for you; some folks think that the comedian Bill Hicks didn’t actually die in 1994, but instead became Alex Jones. There are some similarities in appearance and like mindedness of both tone and topic.

Dave Pruitt who did the final interview with Bill Hicks.

But Dave, not only would he play hard rock music videos, but he would also take the ACTV cameras and equipment to local shows and showcase mostly local, but also national touring bands. He has recorded so many, please go out and find him at DaveTV on Youtube. He recorded everybody, but back in the day it was the likes of Pariah, Agony Column, Dangerous Toys, D.R.I., deadhorse, Retarded Elf, FUCKEMOS, Harrem Scarrum, Little Miss Dangerous, Onyxx, the Bad Livers and Dancyr. Yeah, Nathan Olivarez, he was there, too. Dave’s partner in crime!

However, I read in the Austin Chronicle that Dave has left the building.

We wish you luck Dave!

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