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  1. Bless the Broken Road – Rascal Flatts
  2. The Bluest Eyes In Texas – Restless Heart
  3. Songs About Texas – Pat Green
  4. What I Like About Texas – Gary P Nunn
  5. Acuña – Wade Bowen
  6. Dublin Blues – Guy Clark
  7. Texas On My Mind – Pat Green
  8. Always on My Mind – Willie Nelson
  9. Mammas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys – Willie Nelson & Waylon Jennings
  10. The Dance – Garth Brooks
  11. Remember When [#] – Alan Jackson
  12. Cry (Original) – Colt Buckelew & The Crossroads
  13. So Long 6th St – 1172018 – Paste Studios – New York – NY – Wade Bowen
  14. Live Forever – Billy Joe Shaver

One year ago today, my best friend passed away unexpectedly. I had just seen him and his wife the night before for a surprise dinner. The following night, his wife called and told me of his sudden passing. We were all devastated.

His funeral took place the following Saturday. It was a touching service and many of his friends and family spoke. Myself included, please see the show notes for the words that I spoke in honor of my friend and for additional details about his life.

As I knew my friend so well and for such a long time and since I am a lover of music, I was asked to put together music for the funeral and reception. Having done this before for other friends and family, it was an honor to this on behalf of my friend.

As my friend and I were both in our early 40’s, and both grew up in the Texas hill country and on the Highland Lakes on the Colorado River; and liking the same kind of music, country music. Ranging from Country and Western to 90’s Country, and any of the good stuff that Nashville put out, but mostly it was Texas Country. These songs could suffice for my own someday or for others folks of the same liking.

Today, I would like to play a distilled playlist from that day in honor of my friend, this is Funeral for a Friend.

Many songs were played today in remembrance of my friend. These songs are special to me and mean a lot. I hope you enjoyed them as much as we did. And there were many other songs that we just didn’t have time to play here. Please see the show notes for a playlist containing this additional music.

Thanks for listening.

Rest in Peace Phillip Lee Houlton, Jr.

More on his life: Phillip Lee Houlton
August 28, 1973 – January 20, 2019

My Words for My Friend:

Phillip Lee Houlton, Jr. Memorial Slideshow:

Extended Version:
Listen to on Spotify:

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