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  1. Piano Man
  2. Best Won’t Do
  3. Sad Sad City
  4. Chris Cornell – Sad Sad City (Ghostland Observatory cover – Acoustic live)

Interview with Aaron Behrens and Thomas Ross Turner:

Hello, this is Matt Comer with tiny curations.
And today we are here with Ghostland Observatory; joined by both members; with non-other than Aaron Behrens the energetic frontman with Willie braids and trademark shades.
And along with Thomas Ross Turner, who plays the mad scientist in the duo. Thomas lays down sick beats and musical atmosphere and you control the stage with your vocals and presence. All of this with lot’s of laser.

How are you doing today Aaron?
How are you doing today Thomas?
How do you feel in these strange times?

Your music has been described as a combination of electro, rock and funk and electro-dance soul rock, but how would you describe the Ghostland sound?

If you could put it it words, how would you describe a live Ghostland show? The live experience, energy, and vibe. I know that you’ve had a lot to do with the lasers and stage set up, could you tell us about that?

We wanted to celebrate the band, as this is when GLO came into view for us with “” came out driving a trashy moped in 2005. That was 15 years ago!
How does that feel?

Our first song today is off of the follow-up from 2006, “Paparazzi Lighting”, titled “Piano Man”. As we go into this song, do you have any words for your Piano Man Thomas Ross Turner?

That was “Best Won’t Do” from 2005’s “” album.
And furthermore, I’m not sure the exact meaning of the song or if the city in question is Austin. But here were are with a cancelled SXSW in 2020, concerts, music, events, and everyday life. Austin is such a music oriented city, if feels as if this song means more now than ever. Because there certainly Ain’t no party in a sad, sad city.
And once in 2013, I was at SXSW and happened to catch a super intimate acoustic set by a deceased grunge pioneer, Chris Cornell.
There he is playing all of his songs and hits from over the years from Soundgarden, AudioSlave, and he introduces a song from an Austin band and goes into his own version covering “Sad Sad City”.
I’m sure you have heard it right, on Youtube?
What did you think about that, how did that make you feel?

Very much so. Any final thoughts that you want to leave today for your fans or fans to come or how one could train a redbird?

WOW, that is so cool! Thank you so much for sharing that. And I could maybe envision a falcon with you on future sets wouldn’t that be amazing?

Thanks for listening.

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